Monday, 19 January 2015

Before Blogging

Mum - Boi,,, that's how she calls me ,,  here try on this high neck sweater I thrifted today,,, 

'I was lounging in this old dress '  and tried the sweater on top of it ,, approaching mirror ,, saw myself  and BAM !!!   I saw an outfit , I instantly tried it with the boots ,this happened before I created this blog ,,the picture though ,, honestly just 3 days back ,,  Are you a colour person I mean you don't consider grey or dark maroon as something you would create a whole outfit with,, yea coz that's me too,,,   I do like the idea of it but satisfaction comes only when I add a pop of colour anywhere to the outfit,, could be bracelets,lipstick, neon beanie,colourful shoes,, you can come up with it better than me so lemme know some tips or tricks too alright ,, 

 Going back to the outfit ,, the lace peeping , ethnic print, the noise in the sweater ,,with all that going on I feel no need to colour in this case but bright lipstick should be fun right,,,  And have it ever happened to you that lounge wear inspires you , and that moment of brilliance you feel ,, I sound stupid ,, but it does often happen I think its because at home you normally just throw on clothes whatever you do not care ,, and approaching mirror ,,, awiii haaaa (omg)!! the colour combination totally works and an instant ray of brilliance shines , butterflies ,, all excited knowing I have an idea to refer the next tym I have to get dressed and  that's about it for today coz,
                       Mum's not home yet I think I would need to be doing the cooking today,,,arrrrgghh!!

Stay Awesome,,,

Saturday, 17 January 2015


Exactly its random so why do I wanna post it,, Because I'm such a pain in the ass and want to bother yall with this kind of shit ... (over the holidays)

I am really not that of a mean person or am I ?  SORRY ,,I know who you are ,nice person but this I couldn't help myself

my pile of thrift finds

so much white pants I noticed ,, specifically gents!!

Alot of old school decorations ..

this house /hut was bedazzled ,i failed to take a pic of this at sun down ,you'd just have to imagine it now ,,

look closely ...even this banana tree was not spared silver bells all over ,, so next tym you go to get a Xmas tree ,remember u have options,, eh ,, just kidding don't do that ,, nope not a banana tree,,, hahahaaaa

I still feel I did not stuff enough cakes this holiday,,

saved by the lantern

was it robbed ,,, ??? no ,, I'm thinking like a store to be opened just trying to grab attention.. I was amused seeing this,,, lol

the famous street snack in Hafong town,, chhana

Old church and a localite

never seen so much colour at once in a kid

after you are done looking at that cute face notice the rest,, and she is just an early teen,,
so I was taking a picture of this old record and it was later that I noticed my brother's toe peepeing from the hole there,,,  PERFECT ,,,           STAY AWESOME,,,

Photo DiAry

Evening yall ,Gathered as much pictures I could from my holiday visit to Haflong(assam) less populated beautiful town with its greenary ,lakes,gardens ,parks and calm wide roads to its main attraction,the town where I was born and spent half of my life ,,,its day out with aunt walking through all places we could on foot in a day,, so I dressed as comfiest I could without compromising on my style so I would declare this outfit as Kurti With An Edge

  • Kurti- hand down from aunt Ruth ,
  •  Jeggings -Lifestyle
  •  Shoes - now I call this my "sneapers "why? coz I did not see it as sneakers really but with a lil style towards creepers,from -Terranova(Dubai)
  •  Bagpack -Forever21
  •  Scarf- Thrited Alexander Mcqueen (faux) now lemme explain please ,just because of the skull print and colour ,grey ,white and black I bought it plus it is so silky material .If you have the authentic one "great".I did had a phase where I was going all skull print everything ,emo goth phase ,, bizzare eh! 
Yikessss !! I'm already rambling alot , just one more thing,, before I added the scarf my mum commented I look like those Muslim or Punjabi aunties ,hmmm what's wrong in that,, teeehheeeehee also another post of sightseeing on the way

A long line of pictures ahead,,

why do an eldery always seem to appear in my shot ,, hmmm?

Is this creepy? a friend thought so,,!!


Friday, 16 January 2015

Trends Then Back Now

And I'm already back,,,
Need I say more , so obvious what this post is going to be about,,trends comeback and forth, 80's 90's 70's ,,,,  yea,,,, and I know it when I'm bout to head out on the street someone from the family be like "my dear you look outdated" .. and I'm like "great" see you later,,

While I was bed resting during the holidays at my grandparent's , the whole cold and fever babble in my previous post remember?,,  Went through some wait not some quite alot of old photo albums of my aunts and I was going all " hey hey my aunts wore it too " . Trends we see it in old movies , old series etc etc,, but seeing my own aunties rocking it back then ,the feeling is quite different and the big grin I had ,such an inspiration ..

I suggest dig those old piles of albums from your aunt, mum, grandma?? whosoever , maybe you'd get an idea that suits your style or be it for fun ,,,, I might do a prt2 of this post if I get the opportunity from my laziness to flip some albums of mum's and other relatives ..

Not much happening in my part as of now, just soaking in every thing I've missed on the INTERNET during the holidays ,,, watched my favourite you tubers all day, ,, and going to continue after I publish this ...
          well here they are old pictures of aunts with few friends during their teen and early 20's , they look so much cooler even though ours have a modern twist , mirrored glasses, denim on denim, choker,dress with sneakers ,,,I'll just let you go through,
Untill next post ,, Stay Awesome


Thursday, 15 January 2015

Sightseeing part 2

Ohhh this day was my favourite ,we chose a rainy day and it was beautiful and perfect but there was so much walking in between,I even puked on the way back but no complain because the view I saw was ,,sniff  ,, no words,, so foggy and was so hard finding pictures anyways its nothing compared in person .Sometimes you have just got to put away the amera and soak in the moment,,,If only I am paid to travel, would love it, seeing places is an opportunity I often seek  .. so darn sleepppy nyt nyt yall..

 Sweater- Thrifted , not even 2 dollar, so stoked to find it ,the geometric print on both sleeves (I was   like,,, yyeeeeees) 
Trousers- Found it when mum opened an old suitcase ,very highwaisted with elastic waist.
Bagpack - You would see this almost all the time ,I cannot do without it. Forever21
Ankle boots - Zara , this one too , all the time,,  oh and socks are also thrifted..