Sunday, 30 November 2014

December Already ?

The first thought I get about new year ? OH no !! I'm get OLDER .. Is it absurd,,? already using anti aging creams,, u see its freaking the *beep* out of me ..
                            Don't wanna intrude your sunday by talking *beep*  tell you what ,I'l share this music which was and presume it will be my jam for later sober days ,,,If  I'm lucky to have your same taste  ,, lemme know,, I'm always insearch of music which transports me to a diferent world ..

               Until next post ,, Stay Awesome..

Saturday, 29 November 2014


Because whenever my cat comes in my sight I get all , awww how have you been my darling little poo poo kitty (in a squishy voice , talking all things to a creature who would not have a clue what the hell you are taking about ) kind of  Love ..
                  Since my blog is nothing about anything specifically yet , so sharing my cat story seemed quite okay i guess .I find her very attractive most of the times when she's yawning, stretching , fiddling with a dead mouse coz her gesture with the paws are sooo adorable is one of those days .. couldn't help but take out the camera.

                                               I  could probably write a whole article on her because seriously daddy and me know alot about her than she knows of herself  .
                                                Her name is" Koki " yeaa,, the reason to such an odd name ? just ask me sometime , its a whole different story .Since the time of her great grandmother every cat we had one at a time fortunately, were all named the same "Koki" or any other cat before that even. I remember her mother was lying infront of our front door , found out sometime later that she was expired.My dad lost count already of how many cats he'd buried already uptil now.Few days later tiny ,shivering , hungry little Koki who was waiting for her mother ,was found on the same spot outside,mother daughter looked exactly alike ,I was thrilled .In my household a cat is strictly prohibited beacause of mum's allergy.I would so dream to share bed with Koki ,also very aware that she ain't allowed to lounge about on sofa's or bed .She now prefers to sleep outside, she runs for the door if she senses the door closing,, amazing ,,,

                  I must admit that I admire my cat ,, reason why :
                                        1. Small thing but fierce ,scares away dogs even .
                                    2. Unlike most pet cats who likes to be stroked by anyone , Koki does not   (got some trust issues ) good thing I say.
                                         3. We have same taste of music, no really,,, hahaha !! I would put earphones in her ears and never complains.
                                         4. She never tries to defend her plate of food to other stray cats , instead she helps herself outside of the plate and let the others enjoy alittle of her share left on the plate. kind koki.

          This was when she was showing our neighbour's dog who's the boss . Could be the mascot 
for Adidas here ,, teeeheeeheee , I was never happy until now to have my little brother's dirty boots lying around , or I'm just a good photographer...  just kidding,,,  

             She amazes me everytime,,, if you guys adore your pets and have their weird ways to make you laugh , let me know too, i never denied to a pet conversation,,,,

Until next post,,,, stay awesome...

Friday, 28 November 2014

Day Out

Alriiiight ,
                my second post , excited much,, it had been almost two weeks since ive seen any of my friends since they live in a diferent locality,i hate it, of course anyone would when the only friends you love hanging out with aren't your neighbours, it needs planning to meet up like literally ,, buuut this time it was somehow real easy, coincidently everyone was free yesterday.... although i wish that I'd post this before i left my house,, but girllll i was gettin late,,, so better late than never right,,,
                  We sat down to eat at a restaurant named "cozy den" , boy it was cozy il tell ya,in a flirty way , hehe !!  had a great  time, for me especially coz i rewarded my tummy a "cheat day" the taste and sausiness  of the spaghetti still swirling round my mouth (drooling right now).I have a problem, can barely take straight, non blurry pictures,, two examples are posted down below, i refused to delete those , i dont know, just found them interesting I guess..
           1)  come on lady move along,, hop hop that's my shot, happened to be my fav snap of this day

           2) I do not like how skinny jeans look on me so I always try to opt something else like these black highwaisted trousers, also if u tuck in ur blouse and dont feel so confident with those lovehandles .. work it by chucking on long coats or a slouchy anaconda covering cardigan in my case. I had fun with the challenge of dressing down the trouser , just two folds at the bottom and cardigan did the trick. If your uniform at school, college or work doesn't require u to wear trousers ,  what im sayin is if you are not already fed up wearing it, why dont you take a walk with it now because you have spent quite sum amount on it thinking that you will be requiring it in future special occasions that is we all dont know when its bound to arrive so.... oh!! and my friend Becky wanted to comment on my wardrobe choice this day ,,, she was like,,, Brigitte the way you dressed today is ' all around the world' .. i didn't reply because I was trying to understand what she meant,, and i didn't bother to ask .. it didn't really matter beacause i felt great and ofcourse you someday come of the age where you dont care about others opinion, in a good way though.. :

         3).  Don't ask ,, (chuckles) its just a fail .. how bout I upload this to lookbook ,, hehehe ,,,

       4) Blurry picture I was telling you about , we sat on the balcony while the sun set, i was even more enjoying because I don't have that kind of view at my place.

        5)  fail of a beautiful crescent moon , the blurr made it look like a kidney bean or enlarge the picture and find yourself inside a manhole little covered by the lid ,, hello is anyone out there .. could someone slide in a ladder down here .. 
     Have a great evening , until next post ... stay awesome