Saturday, 17 January 2015


Exactly its random so why do I wanna post it,, Because I'm such a pain in the ass and want to bother yall with this kind of shit ... (over the holidays)

I am really not that of a mean person or am I ?  SORRY ,,I know who you are ,nice person but this I couldn't help myself

my pile of thrift finds

so much white pants I noticed ,, specifically gents!!

Alot of old school decorations ..

this house /hut was bedazzled ,i failed to take a pic of this at sun down ,you'd just have to imagine it now ,,

look closely ...even this banana tree was not spared silver bells all over ,, so next tym you go to get a Xmas tree ,remember u have options,, eh ,, just kidding don't do that ,, nope not a banana tree,,, hahahaaaa

I still feel I did not stuff enough cakes this holiday,,

saved by the lantern

was it robbed ,,, ??? no ,, I'm thinking like a store to be opened just trying to grab attention.. I was amused seeing this,,, lol

the famous street snack in Hafong town,, chhana

Old church and a localite

never seen so much colour at once in a kid

after you are done looking at that cute face notice the rest,, and she is just an early teen,,
so I was taking a picture of this old record and it was later that I noticed my brother's toe peepeing from the hole there,,,  PERFECT ,,,           STAY AWESOME,,,

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