Monday, 1 December 2014

Major Errands

This day .. one word ,, UNPLANNED ,, My friend called up in the morning and we suddenly decided to run some errands ,," major errands" from this locality to that  ,, exhausted ,, yeaa , I did not at all feel like going out today but I ended up finishing some business and had loads of fun ,, This is what I wore :

 Nothing special --   but this croped sweater deserves a space here because yaaay ,, its the first time I'm wearing it , thrifted last year exact 12 months back , price was 10rs saaayyy whhaaat !! M even wearing it right now as I speak probably would be sleeping with it.Yea call me gross..teeheee,,,Remember how I said that I don't prefer skinnies,, what to do , my trousers were already in the laundry basket ,

     Awkward ,,,,  you see what the dog is doing....


            These shoes again ,nostalgia,,,,  busted these out after probably a year , they were my go to for the whole 2013 , surprised by the quality of it ,never expected , its still in such good condition considering how much use I've had out of it,the studs are still intact, got it from a local store ,"Desert Noble " written underneath the shoe .Maybe you guys know something about it,Ive personally never researched. No fashionably related reason for the socks , just wanted my feet warm.

My " Photographer" was waay enthusiastic today therefore this picture

haaauah !! I am SO SO exhausted ,,,, yawn ,, gudnight readers
Until next post ... STAY AWESOME ..

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