Friday, 28 November 2014

Day Out

Alriiiight ,
                my second post , excited much,, it had been almost two weeks since ive seen any of my friends since they live in a diferent locality,i hate it, of course anyone would when the only friends you love hanging out with aren't your neighbours, it needs planning to meet up like literally ,, buuut this time it was somehow real easy, coincidently everyone was free yesterday.... although i wish that I'd post this before i left my house,, but girllll i was gettin late,,, so better late than never right,,,
                  We sat down to eat at a restaurant named "cozy den" , boy it was cozy il tell ya,in a flirty way , hehe !!  had a great  time, for me especially coz i rewarded my tummy a "cheat day" the taste and sausiness  of the spaghetti still swirling round my mouth (drooling right now).I have a problem, can barely take straight, non blurry pictures,, two examples are posted down below, i refused to delete those , i dont know, just found them interesting I guess..
           1)  come on lady move along,, hop hop that's my shot, happened to be my fav snap of this day

           2) I do not like how skinny jeans look on me so I always try to opt something else like these black highwaisted trousers, also if u tuck in ur blouse and dont feel so confident with those lovehandles .. work it by chucking on long coats or a slouchy anaconda covering cardigan in my case. I had fun with the challenge of dressing down the trouser , just two folds at the bottom and cardigan did the trick. If your uniform at school, college or work doesn't require u to wear trousers ,  what im sayin is if you are not already fed up wearing it, why dont you take a walk with it now because you have spent quite sum amount on it thinking that you will be requiring it in future special occasions that is we all dont know when its bound to arrive so.... oh!! and my friend Becky wanted to comment on my wardrobe choice this day ,,, she was like,,, Brigitte the way you dressed today is ' all around the world' .. i didn't reply because I was trying to understand what she meant,, and i didn't bother to ask .. it didn't really matter beacause i felt great and ofcourse you someday come of the age where you dont care about others opinion, in a good way though.. :

         3).  Don't ask ,, (chuckles) its just a fail .. how bout I upload this to lookbook ,, hehehe ,,,

       4) Blurry picture I was telling you about , we sat on the balcony while the sun set, i was even more enjoying because I don't have that kind of view at my place.

        5)  fail of a beautiful crescent moon , the blurr made it look like a kidney bean or enlarge the picture and find yourself inside a manhole little covered by the lid ,, hello is anyone out there .. could someone slide in a ladder down here .. 
     Have a great evening , until next post ... stay awesome


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging :)
    I love how you styled the whole outfit! Looking forward for your posts <3