Saturday, 17 January 2015

Photo DiAry

Evening yall ,Gathered as much pictures I could from my holiday visit to Haflong(assam) less populated beautiful town with its greenary ,lakes,gardens ,parks and calm wide roads to its main attraction,the town where I was born and spent half of my life ,,,its day out with aunt walking through all places we could on foot in a day,, so I dressed as comfiest I could without compromising on my style so I would declare this outfit as Kurti With An Edge

  • Kurti- hand down from aunt Ruth ,
  •  Jeggings -Lifestyle
  •  Shoes - now I call this my "sneapers "why? coz I did not see it as sneakers really but with a lil style towards creepers,from -Terranova(Dubai)
  •  Bagpack -Forever21
  •  Scarf- Thrited Alexander Mcqueen (faux) now lemme explain please ,just because of the skull print and colour ,grey ,white and black I bought it plus it is so silky material .If you have the authentic one "great".I did had a phase where I was going all skull print everything ,emo goth phase ,, bizzare eh! 
Yikessss !! I'm already rambling alot , just one more thing,, before I added the scarf my mum commented I look like those Muslim or Punjabi aunties ,hmmm what's wrong in that,, teeehheeeehee also another post of sightseeing on the way

A long line of pictures ahead,,

why do an eldery always seem to appear in my shot ,, hmmm?

Is this creepy? a friend thought so,,!!


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