Monday, 19 January 2015

Before Blogging

Mum - Boi,,, that's how she calls me ,,  here try on this high neck sweater I thrifted today,,, 

'I was lounging in this old dress '  and tried the sweater on top of it ,, approaching mirror ,, saw myself  and BAM !!!   I saw an outfit , I instantly tried it with the boots ,this happened before I created this blog ,,the picture though ,, honestly just 3 days back ,,  Are you a colour person I mean you don't consider grey or dark maroon as something you would create a whole outfit with,, yea coz that's me too,,,   I do like the idea of it but satisfaction comes only when I add a pop of colour anywhere to the outfit,, could be bracelets,lipstick, neon beanie,colourful shoes,, you can come up with it better than me so lemme know some tips or tricks too alright ,, 

 Going back to the outfit ,, the lace peeping , ethnic print, the noise in the sweater ,,with all that going on I feel no need to colour in this case but bright lipstick should be fun right,,,  And have it ever happened to you that lounge wear inspires you , and that moment of brilliance you feel ,, I sound stupid ,, but it does often happen I think its because at home you normally just throw on clothes whatever you do not care ,, and approaching mirror ,,, awiii haaaa (omg)!! the colour combination totally works and an instant ray of brilliance shines , butterflies ,, all excited knowing I have an idea to refer the next tym I have to get dressed and  that's about it for today coz,
                       Mum's not home yet I think I would need to be doing the cooking today,,,arrrrgghh!!

Stay Awesome,,,

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