Monday, 12 January 2015

Welcome 2015

Yeah !! Happy new year . An excuse to a Fresh start off and a resolution I made that is trying not do anything stupid which I'd regret later , and ofcourse my constant feeling of always running out of year towards the end of every year .. does all this make sense to you ,, no? forget it ..
                     lets talk holidays ,so my family went to Haflong town (Assam) , it was supposed to be fun,, but I had to suffer from cold and fever huh! typical meh .. By the time I was all good and jumping ,all fun was over , explaining why I've been MIA for more than a month in the bloggers world? guilty ,hehehe,However I managed to spend the last few days handsomely ,now there why did I write handsomely but I guess you'd get my point though,,
                        Few days back I managed to get out of bed and decided to trouble my mum..

 Denim just gets better with the year , this one is a kurta (Indian wear) (mens) to be prescise from Hyderabad city , handed down by an Uncle ,so excited,,, the original length was below knee , I wish he hadn't altered it . Need not I mention its oversized but girls have ways to getting away with things ,just kidding,, The material is oh so cool and summery perfect for those hot days in the hills ..

Never underestimate a small town for what it has to offer ,well atleast for me , roadside stalls ,market shops big or small I love raiding all of it .I found jewelleries of my taste and I'm surprised because if you know how to bargain you dont burn a hole in your pocket either ,so thank God my aunt was there to deal with the stubborn shopkeepers , same goes for the secondhand stores , I was blown away  by the varieties ,omg this ,omg that ,that's where the chocolate brown blazer got stolen from ,, gigglesss price was like zero not even a dollar , explains the crinkles I have not washed it yet . looks vintage, timeless , gold buttons still intact and pockets  scores 10 points in my book.

 I have not done big earrings in like 2 years now so I'm making a comeback with this gorgeous piece,one of my favourite finds in the lil shops ,, Indian earring (jhumka) mainly worn with traditional attire ,Plus braided curls and a faux septum ring to add to this year's look .. a little hesitant on it but that's the fun part , to never get satisfied keeps working on yourself  to get better , feel better ..

  I'm thinking of posting holiday pictures like randoms, sightseeing's etc  ,I want to share it with yall so much but it will be a huge post so,, lemme think ,,  untill then lemme go edit my pile of albums now ,,,, stay awesome,,,

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