Friday, 16 January 2015

Trends Then Back Now

And I'm already back,,,
Need I say more , so obvious what this post is going to be about,,trends comeback and forth, 80's 90's 70's ,,,,  yea,,,, and I know it when I'm bout to head out on the street someone from the family be like "my dear you look outdated" .. and I'm like "great" see you later,,

While I was bed resting during the holidays at my grandparent's , the whole cold and fever babble in my previous post remember?,,  Went through some wait not some quite alot of old photo albums of my aunts and I was going all " hey hey my aunts wore it too " . Trends we see it in old movies , old series etc etc,, but seeing my own aunties rocking it back then ,the feeling is quite different and the big grin I had ,such an inspiration ..

I suggest dig those old piles of albums from your aunt, mum, grandma?? whosoever , maybe you'd get an idea that suits your style or be it for fun ,,,, I might do a prt2 of this post if I get the opportunity from my laziness to flip some albums of mum's and other relatives ..

Not much happening in my part as of now, just soaking in every thing I've missed on the INTERNET during the holidays ,,, watched my favourite you tubers all day, ,, and going to continue after I publish this ...
          well here they are old pictures of aunts with few friends during their teen and early 20's , they look so much cooler even though ours have a modern twist , mirrored glasses, denim on denim, choker,dress with sneakers ,,,I'll just let you go through,
Untill next post ,, Stay Awesome


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