Thursday, 15 January 2015

Sightseeing part 2

Ohhh this day was my favourite ,we chose a rainy day and it was beautiful and perfect but there was so much walking in between,I even puked on the way back but no complain because the view I saw was ,,sniff  ,, no words,, so foggy and was so hard finding pictures anyways its nothing compared in person .Sometimes you have just got to put away the amera and soak in the moment,,,If only I am paid to travel, would love it, seeing places is an opportunity I often seek  .. so darn sleepppy nyt nyt yall..

 Sweater- Thrifted , not even 2 dollar, so stoked to find it ,the geometric print on both sleeves (I was   like,,, yyeeeeees) 
Trousers- Found it when mum opened an old suitcase ,very highwaisted with elastic waist.
Bagpack - You would see this almost all the time ,I cannot do without it. Forever21
Ankle boots - Zara , this one too , all the time,,  oh and socks are also thrifted..

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